How can we manage information?!

I work with market intelligence in a big fashion retail here, in Brazil. Telling, in synopsis, what I do is generate and manage information to analyse indicators of the business and with it help directors to make strategic decisions.

But, sometimes, we have so much information that we have to spend time in filtrate what is important or not to that kind of decision. Thinking about it, I thought that a lot of people in different areas may have the same problem. In general, almost everybody are “bombed” by information.  So, I decided to share the indicators bellow about overload information:

Overload information

Overload information





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Upwardly Mobile – Brazilian Revolution

The video below shows some insights of  a survey realized by Limo Inc about the upwardly mobile in Brazil and how it can be the next brazilian revolution.

I believe that this survey can explain a little bit more about the challenge of young people in the coutry and why they(we) remonstrated so much on the last month.

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Bad position of advertising

Take a look at some pictures that Mokasha blog published showing how a bad position of advertising can be “unhappy”


Check more on the link:

Seleção de imagens mostra exemplos de posicionamentos infelizes de anúncios.

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Post-it: Telling a story

A flip book movie of 3M tell the story of a character that lost an idea and has a lot of challenges to pass to get the idea again.

The Noise Agency, from Sweden (to 3M), shows that a Post-it it’s not only a way of writing scraps but a tool to help with co-creation and build projects.

I thought the idea so great because I have already seen how Post-it can be used in brainstorms, storytelling and new concepts (example of Havaianas store with a wall of them to make different illustrations). This video just adds more value to the brand and puts the product in a higher level (not only a paper with a little glue).

I’m a big fan of Post-it, who don’t use/like it? Take a look at the video below and use your imagination!

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Venezuela + Press Freedom + Forum

Like most of the world knows, Maduro has won the election as the new president of Venezuela. Supported by the power of Chávez by all the latest years, Maduro has the opportunity to keep going with the “Chavezsm” way of manage the country.


What I put in discussion is not if Maduro is the best or worst person to Venezuela, but what the consequences of the “Chavezsm” to the freedom of press. Unfortunately, in South America, free press is not a consensus in all countries of the mainland.

People in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, etc are victims of politics that restrict media on their countries. So, is it fair with all these citizens?!

In Brazil, recently, we had the Freedom Forum in Porto Alegre that was debating “what we see and don’t see”, issues such as, education, free press, consequences of insecurity, public spending and the lack of infrastructure in our countries. Only to have an example that this kind of things happen, in Cuba, people have to take care of what they publish on their blogs.

I watched by streaming (on the Forum) Julio Saguier, president of La Nacion newspaper in Argentina, talking about the problems they have on advertising and about the content that the newspaper publish because of the government limits.

But why talk about it all? Because I just wanna keep writing here and would really love that everybody could do the same as me without anyone telling me what I can or can’t say to the world.

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Facebook Home

Hi Guys! On last week, we saw Facebook launch Facebook Home, totally integrated to social media, with a first version to be used on Android platform. Different, cool and easy to be used.

Check the video of Facebook Home:

It shows how Facebook has been creating “innovations” like it and more, such as calling people by the social media, Instagram growth since they bought the app, etc. On the other way, there are rumors that Google will buy Whats app for US$1 billion… What do you think about it all?!


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São Paulo/BR: More color, please!

Yesterday was my B’day and I was thinking about publish something colorful, fun and happy to show.

That’s when I read about an idea of expand art by the walls of the street. This kind of thing is common in some cities of Europe and US but in Brazil is recent.

For those who doesn’t know São Paulo, the city is like a New York of Brazil but without so many green areas. That’s why some people say it’s the “concrete jungle” of the country. The city has museums and a lot of closed places to go get some art but in the streets… no.

The Project Color+city is a way of connect people who have walls available to be painted with those who wants to make art. To make things easier, to participate you only have to login with your Goggle Account. The wall gets reserved for 35 days and you can check some results on the official website.

I chose some of my favorites to show here:





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