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Pepsi engaging consumers

The video bellow shows a social machine that allows people to buy pepsi even when you are distant. A different way to make a competition with Coca Cola and the “simple” touch vending machine. Pepsi create a touch vending machine where you can buy a pepsi to another person, by signing in her/his name, cell phone, writing a text and make a video message. The system sends this message with a code to the person and with this code, he/she can get a pepsi in any machine like these.

Check it out:

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Drunk Valet – advertising

If u drink, do not drive! – Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz

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The value of zero: Nissan

A 100% eletric car… Nissan Leaf: “green car”?!

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3D Projection – Hyundai Accent

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The social web of things

The social web of things by Ericson.. #technology

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The true ones!

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Ikea and “Gamification”

New site of Ikea…

by ad!vertido

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