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Marketing advice

The most read blog about marketing on world is Seth Godin’s blog.

This man is an icon about this topic and gives some advises to entrepreneurs about how to avoid mistakes.

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Social Media

Back to social media, I bring different articles about this issue.

This one, I read on the fan page (Facebook) of Social Media Week São Paulo. I didn’t know that Vivo was doing such a good thing as saved and share with everyone all interviews that they had on the event. (You can check by clicking on Social Media)

This another one, I could see on Exame (business magazine in Brazil) about exemples of how to get money using social network:




It’s been a long time that haven’t post anything here.

Probably because I had to return back to work and University with my final work to get graduated.

Now, I’m in vacation again and so my time to read whatever I want without a blame of not doing my work.

I never stopped to read blogs and tendencies about marketing strategies and social media, but I’ve added new topics like fashion, culinary, books and economics.

To get started with a new topic, I start my post with a link of culinary that I read on Hypeness.

This link shows a brazilian chef making different kinds of food with less than 20 bucks.

It’s so interesting, mainly, to people who don’t wanna spend so much money with cooking.

It’s amazing!

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