“Musical” Flash Mob

I don’t like too much to watch musicals on a TV/cine, since I prefer to watch this kind of art a live. But “Les misérables” was a movie that I couldn’t regret to see. Actors, directors, etc said that the movie was not done with playbacks and it’s possible to cognized that sometimes (it made the movie shines more, in my opinion), wasn’t everything so perfect.


When I walked out of the cine, I was still involved by that history, telling a little bit more about French Revolution and the context of that country by the time. Passing by the stores in the mall, I started to think how brands used Flash Mobs mixing music, art, dance and I remembered that one of TAP in Galeão Airport of Rio de Janeiro(2010), Azul on the same airport (2011) and Coke (2012).

So, 2 days later of the movie, I become to search Flash Mobs that have already happened this year (because I only remembered before of old ones). I found this two cases that really caught my attention: first one because of the dance and the amount of people involved; second, because of the feeling and intention of this musicians that tried to  give “hope” to people who is in a big crises of unemployment (In Spanish).


“Amazing Flash Mob in 2013” – I searched on Google


Flash Mob of Oficina paro (Carne Cruda 2.0) – I saw on The Guardian.

That’s what I could give today.. I still have a list of movies to see (The Master, Life of Pi, Lincoln…) and if anyone of them gives me more inspiration, probably, I post here. Enjoy!


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