Argo – Oscar 2013 + History context + Art

Availing this “Oscar/Hollywood climate “(today, we will know the winner), I came here to talk about Argo, one of the movies running as the best of Oscar 2013. Probably, it’s easy to recognize that I enjoy movies with a history context behind. Argo is one of them. Sincerely, I expected more when I start to watch him: more action, militar guns and USA as heroes. Besides, all this “less thing” made the movie more: more realistic, more suspicious and closer. It’s good to pay attention in the end of the movie, time when things are cleared because of time going on. The drama in the middle of a Iranian revolution, as you can see below, and make us think about politics. There’s a specific phrase (on the movie) that a CIA’s coordinator says summarizing politics “If we want audience, we should be in a circle, not here”.

On the other hand of what Iranians do (on the movie) to complain about their problems on the country, I found a different way that some people have to claim. These examples  show and protest horrible facts in countries that lives with civil problems using art. Check out, respectively, the World Press Photo 2013 (font: Fubiz), taken by the Swedish photojournalist “Paul Hansen” in Gaza and Iranians artists (brothers) Icy and Sot.

Hard Times

hard times


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