Oscar2013, 3D and Art

Besides the winner of best movie on Oscar 2013 by Academy Awards be Argo, Life of Pi was the movie with more awards this year. Most of them were by technical issues, such as photography and visual effects, but it doesn’t make the movie a bad one. What I wanna rebound is that art plus 3d projection has pay attention of so many people (and understood one’s too).

When I was in Lisboa, I saw a beautiful painting/graphite on the street by Brazilian (from São Paulo) Twins, Gustavo and Otávio, that was so realistic with a 3d impression. They mixed architecture with “art of the streets” and made the graphite amazing.


So, can you imagine this kind of art mixed with 3d projection? I can imagine a little… And probably, it’d be fantastic. Just to have some inspiration, I remembered of a 3D projection of Fanta em Dubai – take a look below and “Imagine”.


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