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Outdoor with potable water

The University of Engineering and Technologic of Lime, in Peru, with DraftFCB made an outdoor that uses the humidity of the air to produce drinkable water in the capital. A mix of technology+marketing+sustainability. Check how does it works:


I saw that here.


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London and new dumps

I thought so good a new idea of Renew Enterprise, a “smart” dump. Yeah, the dump below (check the image) is the not only a dump, but a way of call emergency or police in case of  danger, or even be up-to-date with news. The object is connected to the internet and also helps people find bikes in the public places of “rent a bike”.

london trash

The project, in London, stays for at least 21 years (contract signed with local authorities). One example of this “smart dump” is already in New York and intend to expand there, in Tokyo and Singapore. Only to remember, all this utilities can be used by a touchscreen LCD.





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BIC 4 Colours: the saga

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting since friday. I got sick and just now, I’m getting better. Women, congrats to all of you because of March, 8th. I had already talked about the challenges/saga’s we have nowadays here, so, I just wish you all success!

But what I have to say today is about another saga. BIC has telling a great story about what happens inside of a BIC 4 colours. On February, 28th they launched the first two stories, telling about the fight betwixt the 4 colours, etc. You can see both videos: 

On last Sunday, the french Toy Agency (by BIC) added more two videos to the campaign, Stress and Relay. It seems that the action is going to be continued, by a simple and creative idea similar to a storytelling. An app to Facebook was made too. Check it all! 

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Outdoor a live

A good action of Scribe stationer’s, executed by Vida! and LaDobleVida agencies, is happening in Mexico City. During 10 days, Cecilia Beaven (illustrator) will stay in an outdoor, using messages and asks of Twitter as an inspiration to picture on the outdoor. By the hashtag #ScribeBillboard anyone can participate and help her to make art out-of-door.

scribe action

Everybody can follow her work by connecting to the website  with streaming a live. I really like it, because that’s a way of Scribe telling everyone to be creative with whatever paper you have. Isn’t it a cool idea involving social media + art!? What do you think about taking the chance and start creating?

Below, you can see the “day 6” and here where I found it.

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Independently of political issues, Chávez died yesterday with the majority of Venezuela nation applauding him. There’s a global commotion… Chávez was trying to fight for life even after months, but his body couldn’t got better. Today, Venezuelans and world say good-bye to a polemic leader. #RIP Chávez


Yesterday, in Brazil, also died a public person, a rock star of 42 years old. “Chorão”, as he is called, was found dead in his apartment this morning. People don’t know exactly why he is gone, but police suspects of drugs and depression. Unfortunately, rock in Brazil lose a great guy with a huge speech in his songs talking about the importance of family, friends and great/common times that we have in life. Well, to say good-bye, I share a song of his band. Music is what stays #RIP 1970-2013


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New York Times: Art of 2012

Last week, I saw in a blog a very good hint of Bruno Scartozzoni (guy of marketing in Brazil) about the arts of NYT in 2012. I had to agree with him that even without the context of the illustrations, they’re really good.

NYT posted a lot of pictures, images, etc sent to the journal in different articles in the last year. I don’t really understand about the issue, but I thought fantastic!

I chose two of them that caught my attention: 1) remembered me when I was young and used to read that comics of X-man, Spider Man and more; 2) it seemed to me that old carnival that we saw on movies, people celebrating and have fun.

See more “anonymous” art in NYT Year of illustrations and choose yours!


nyt 2

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Social beer “recommender”

CCU Argentina launched The Beer Recommender an app for Facebook that gives hints of what beer drink in each season and time of the day. It also helps people to choose which drink is right to each dish. I don’t like too much to drink beer, I just like to try different and gourmet beers to know others flavors and I thought this a good idea.

Well, since I enjoy cooking and eat, it helped me a lot. I have already tried some of this Beers of the World (“Cervezas del Mundo”), what about u? Check the video and go to the app!


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