Independently of political issues, Chávez died yesterday with the majority of Venezuela nation applauding him. There’s a global commotion… Chávez was trying to fight for life even after months, but his body couldn’t got better. Today, Venezuelans and world say good-bye to a polemic leader. #RIP Chávez


Yesterday, in Brazil, also died a public person, a rock star of 42 years old. “Chorão”, as he is called, was found dead in his apartment this morning. People don’t know exactly why he is gone, but police suspects of drugs and depression. Unfortunately, rock in Brazil lose a great guy with a huge speech in his songs talking about the importance of family, friends and great/common times that we have in life. Well, to say good-bye, I share a song of his band. Music is what stays #RIP 1970-2013



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