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Bad position of advertising

Take a look at some pictures that Mokasha blog published showing how a bad position of advertising can be “unhappy”


Check more on the link:

Seleção de imagens mostra exemplos de posicionamentos infelizes de anúncios.


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Outdoor with potable water

The University of Engineering and Technologic of Lime, in Peru, with DraftFCB made an outdoor that uses the humidity of the air to produce drinkable water in the capital. A mix of technology+marketing+sustainability. Check how does it works:


I saw that here.

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BIC 4 Colours: the saga

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting since friday. I got sick and just now, I’m getting better. Women, congrats to all of you because of March, 8th. I had already talked about the challenges/saga’s we have nowadays here, so, I just wish you all success!

But what I have to say today is about another saga. BIC has telling a great story about what happens inside of a BIC 4 colours. On February, 28th they launched the first two stories, telling about the fight betwixt the 4 colours, etc. You can see both videos: 

On last Sunday, the french Toy Agency (by BIC) added more two videos to the campaign, Stress and Relay. It seems that the action is going to be continued, by a simple and creative idea similar to a storytelling. An app to Facebook was made too. Check it all! 

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Red Bull Defeat

I was checking some news and blogs recently and found this video (below) of Red Bull called Defeat directed by Matthaus Bussman.

The spot is about a man running by the night in a city with so many lights and people practicing different sports, going to the future. A good branding action that strengthens the meaning of Red Bull “way of life”.

More at Fubiz

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Fiat: 500 to Eua

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Mercedes Benz

New Campaign of Mercedes Benz relating their car to summer.


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