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Post-it: Telling a story

A flip book movie of 3M tell the story of a character that lost an idea and has a lot of challenges to pass to get the idea again.

The Noise Agency, from Sweden (to 3M), shows that a Post-it it’s not only a way of writing scraps but a tool to help with co-creation and build projects.

I thought the idea so great because I have already seen how Post-it can be used in brainstorms, storytelling and new concepts (example of Havaianas store with a wall of them to make different illustrations). This video just adds more value to the brand and puts the product in a higher level (not only a paper with a little glue).

I’m a big fan of Post-it, who don’t use/like it? Take a look at the video below and use your imagination!


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Digital Party and a live one (or five) by Perrier

Who never think about having fun in exotics and different parties around the world?!

This is the idea of Perrier with the “Secret Place” in a digital experience. It’s a game where the objective is to find the secret bottle of Perrier in a digital and crazy party. People have to look for five hints to achieve the goal. All the game is in Live-action, so it’s good to be paying attention all the time.

Ogilvy and Mather Paris created the hotsite Perrier Secret Place of the promotion. Only people who gets the secret bottle and the gold woman will have the opportunity to compete for 5 trips in parties around the world: 1) Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; 2) Ibiza, Spain; 3) St. Tropez, France; 4) Art Basel in Miami, USA e 5) New Year in Sidney, Australia.

Watch the video bellow and check more on the official hotsite or Youtube.

Warn: The game is only for adults/ Brazilians can participate.

via B9

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Outdoor a live

A good action of Scribe stationer’s, executed by Vida! and LaDobleVida agencies, is happening in Mexico City. During 10 days, Cecilia Beaven (illustrator) will stay in an outdoor, using messages and asks of Twitter as an inspiration to picture on the outdoor. By the hashtag #ScribeBillboard anyone can participate and help her to make art out-of-door.

scribe action

Everybody can follow her work by connecting to the website  with streaming a live. I really like it, because that’s a way of Scribe telling everyone to be creative with whatever paper you have. Isn’t it a cool idea involving social media + art!? What do you think about taking the chance and start creating?

Below, you can see the “day 6” and here where I found it.

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Red Bull Defeat

I was checking some news and blogs recently and found this video (below) of Red Bull called Defeat directed by Matthaus Bussman.

The spot is about a man running by the night in a city with so many lights and people practicing different sports, going to the future. A good branding action that strengthens the meaning of Red Bull “way of life”.

More at Fubiz

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Best Moments of 2012

I was owning a post about social medias, since I’m talking about too much things and “forgot” a about them. Another thing that I haven’t done yet and should have is a flash of the best moments in 2012. I’m sorry, I’m a little late but it’s worth to take a look on a infographic that guys of  Mashable has launched in the beginning of 2013.


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Hints, cooking, home.

Is cooking an art? I don’t know, technically, the answer  for my question, but I think it’s. I really like to cook, mainly, for 3 or more people and make a different food. It’s all about, enjoying the moment: buy the ingredients, start the process, put some spices, try the flavor, have a great food and an opportunity to get people together.


More than cooking hints, there are so many stuff that it’s good to know if you start to live alone, such as, how to put off a wine smudge of the t-shirt, etc. What catched my attention was that 2 markets in Brazil use good solutions for home in their communication purport, more than selling products or announcing sales. That’s what I call, understanding costumers and marketing strategy, a cool way of being closer to the client.

I must confess that, being in love with food, I just like to watch their videos about gastronomy and make my own dish adding some special/secret thing. yesterday, I was looking for a recipe of a sauce based on champagne. I didn’t like anyone, so, I went to the kitchen and created a new one: chicken baits with a champagne (or white wine) sauce.

If you wanna try, that’s what I used for and how I did it: chicken baits (it can be chicken breast or whatever you prefer), lemon, cornstarch, honey, brut champagne (or white wine), black pepper, garlic, salt, olive oil and butter.

First of all, unpack the chicken and spice with black pepper (ground one), juice of one lemon and salt. Let them together for 10 minutes in a bowl (if you are in a rush, if you can, let more than an hour – just take care) and soon, grill in a little olive oil and butter. When you finish, put aside and in the same skillet, make the sauce with a little of olive oil, butter and garlic. After two minutes, put 2 or 3 full glasses (depends on how many people and chicken you have) of brut champagne and two little spoons of honey. In a cup, add the sauce until the middle of it and get 2 spoons of cornstarch, mixing them. Later, put this mix back to the skillet, let get consistency and serve with the chicken baits!

receita-iscas-frango-vinho-brancoThis dish is well served, mainly in the summer, with coarse rice+cherry tomatoes or ceasar salad. To drink: demi-sec champagne or white wine. Bon appetite!

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Marketing advice

The most read blog about marketing on world is Seth Godin’s blog.

This man is an icon about this topic and gives some advises to entrepreneurs about how to avoid mistakes.

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