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São Paulo/BR: More color, please!

Yesterday was my B’day and I was thinking about publish something colorful, fun and happy to show.

That’s when I read about an idea of expand art by the walls of the street. This kind of thing is common in some cities of Europe and US but in Brazil is recent.

For those who doesn’t know São Paulo, the city is like a New York of Brazil but without so many green areas. That’s why some people say it’s the “concrete jungle” of the country. The city has museums and a lot of closed places to go get some art but in the streets… no.

The Project Color+city is a way of connect people who have walls available to be painted with those who wants to make art. To make things easier, to participate you only have to login with your Goggle Account. The wall gets reserved for 35 days and you can check some results on the official website.

I chose some of my favorites to show here:






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New York Times: Art of 2012

Last week, I saw in a blog a very good hint of Bruno Scartozzoni (guy of marketing in Brazil) about the arts of NYT in 2012. I had to agree with him that even without the context of the illustrations, they’re really good.

NYT posted a lot of pictures, images, etc sent to the journal in different articles in the last year. I don’t really understand about the issue, but I thought fantastic!

I chose two of them that caught my attention: 1) remembered me when I was young and used to read that comics of X-man, Spider Man and more; 2) it seemed to me that old carnival that we saw on movies, people celebrating and have fun.

See more “anonymous” art in NYT Year of illustrations and choose yours!


nyt 2

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