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How can we manage information?!

I work with market intelligence in a big fashion retail here, in Brazil. Telling, in synopsis, what I do is generate and manage information to analyse indicators of the business and with it help directors to make strategic decisions.

But, sometimes, we have so much information that we have to spend time in filtrate what is important or not to that kind of decision. Thinking about it, I thought that a lot of people in different areas may have the same problem. In general, almost everybody are “bombed” by information.  So, I decided to share the indicators bellow about overload information:

Overload information

Overload information





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Nothing better than a map when you travel

Recently, I got graduated in Business and won a travel to Europe as part of the gift.

It was an amazing trip, passing by Amsterdam, Lisbon, Rome and Paris.

When I was visiting all this cities, maps were a very good help.

While I was there, knowing different places and point of views, such as new(and old) cultures, I got thinking how brands could explore and get closer to all these tourists (Rome, for an example, receives more than 300 thousand tourists per day) in Europe, USA, South America, etc.

So, I’m back in Brazil and start to search in blogs and my e-mails (more than 100 unread) if there was something cool recently to this public. That’s when I see this action of KLM Royal Airline (company that I got my flight from Brazil do Amsterdam). More than that magazines on the airplane, they have a good idea that is similar to “tripAdivisor”, with the difference that you can receive your “personalized” map at home for free.

The name of this project is Must See Map  and it’s a good idea if you are planning a trip.

Watch the video below and get updated.

I saw this on

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